Named One of The
“3 Best Investments of 2020”
You don’t have to be a millionaire to retire comfortably.
Named One of The “3 Best Investments
of 2020”
You don’t have to be a millionaire to retire comfortably.
Featured In
Featured In
“A low-cost entree into the world of real estate investing”
"Named one of “the best real estate investment platforms of 2021."
“Makes it possible to passively invest in larger real estate projects.”
"Changing the way people plan their financial future."
We’re Making It Possible for the 99% to Build True Generational Wealth
DiversyFund is making it possible for the everyday investor to create a well-rounded portfolio that has the potential to grow in worth year after year, even if some individual investments lose money.

All you need to get started is $500 to become co-owners in multifamily real estate.

According to a number of studies, investing in the stock market will only earn an average annual return of 7%, adjusted for inflation. While we can’t guarantee future investment performance, historically private market real estate has outperformed the S&P 500 by a significant margin since 1972.
We Do The Heavy Lifting
There are no sign-up fees, no management fees, and no broker fees.
DiversyFund is vertically integrated with our investors, meaning we own, renovate, and manage all of the properties in our portfolio - this makes it possible to waive fees charged by some other broker platforms.
How Our Value-Add Cycle Works
Existing cash-flowing properties are acquired and renovated to allow for increased rents and property value appreciation.
Once the renovations are complete, we allow time for the properties to increase in value which is about a 5-year cycle.
We sell the assets at the right time and the profits are split among investors after the value add-cycle.
Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve taken some of the most common questions and laid them out for you
The DiversyFund Growth REIT is designed to be a long-term investment with a 5-year projected term. We aim to invest in projects that can be sold within approximately five years and maintain several cash-flowing properties in the portfolio generating revenue from rents until market conditions are suitable for an advantageous liquidation. At which point we sell the assets and investors receive their principal and returns back.
DiversyFund is SEC qualified to offer investment opportunities to all Americans, unaccredited or accredited over the age of 18.
Investors receive monthly dividends from rents collected which are automatically reinvested into the REIT on your behalf to purchase new assets and finance renovations. At the end of the fund’s approximate 5-year term, profits from the sale will be distributed back to investors (principal and returns). DiversyFund offers investors a 7% preferred return, meaning 100% of returns up to the first 7% go to investors before DiversyFund starts receiving any share of the profit.
DiversyFund carefully qualifies each investment opportunity to ensure that specific criteria are met such as ensuring the market is right based on population growth, job growth, market comps and more. Our team of experts hand-select the opportunities that show the best potential return on investment for you.
Our Investors Have Raised Over
$40 Million
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